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About Us


EcoDES is a consulting company which provide technical assistance based on latest development / trends of green growth.


We monitor and advice our clients how to improve performance of their services, how to implement smart engineering solutions and we provide them comprehensive environmental solutions.


We disseminate know-how through trainings and contribute to national policy making mechanisms (developing policy, strategy and plans)

Why EcoDES?

Our strongest point is our large network of environmental experts due to our connection with Polytechnic University of Tirana.


  • we can ensure in a short time qualitative expertise with professional qualification and experience that cover a wide range of different areas required by different bids

  • we also create a hub, a dynamic and very enthusiastic environment for the students, they have an opportunity to be involved in different projects

  • all the knowledge, experience and lesson learned are capitalized and translated in university curricula, so we are contributing toward capacity building process and as such modestly contributing to building a better and more responsible society.

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